free media alliance best practices

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(or "what can i do to be more free?")

1. only the most conservative list of best practices can cover every edge case, user discretion is encouraged. [url][url] 2. if you want to promote free software, collect computers-- you dont have to save them all, you dont have to keep more than a few on hand, collecting them will give you more opportunities to get inexpensive hardware when you need it; you can help people find cheap hardware when they need it. [url][url] 3. if you have more than one computer, have a lightweight software platform for at least one of them-- it will be most useful for older computers, make work faster on others, and make it more obvious what to do with older machines. [url][url] 4. avoid systemd and designs that demonstrably create lock-in. [url][url] [url][url] 5. promote free cultural and free software works. [url][url] 6. join our alliance-- it requires only saying you are a member and linking to our charter, or a copy of our charter; it does not require that you agree with us on everything. [url][url] 7. be wary of codes of conduct. [url][url] [url][url] 8. license your own software and cultural works (when possible) with our recommended licenses [url][url] or waive the copyright with cc0: [url][url] (note the fsf recommends copyleft such as gpl3 or agpl3 for software works unless the code has fewer than 300 lines.) 9. be wary of cloud-based solutions. [url][url] 10. watch the interactions of your preferred charities with organisations known to lobby against your freedom. [url][url] 11. do not give in to apathy [url][url] but guard yourself against burnout (dont forget to have fun-- if youre not having any fun, youre probably doing it wrong) which can lead to excessive frustration and apathy. 12. learn from history-- a lot of the present influence from monopolies that wish to defeat free software and own all human culture relies heavily on people not knowing more about the history of copyright-- these monopolies have all built their empires on major changes to copyright that arent yet 50 years old. [url][url] 13. if you think richard stallman is important, try to become more like him; dont just parrot what the fsf says, question the status quo as much as stallman does (this doesnt mean you wont agree with him often-- it means your solutions will be more creative and the future of free software will be something youre more equipped to help with.) [url][url] 14. learn how to code-- if you know how to code, try to teach someone to code-- explore educational languages to make this easier for you and other people; learn and teach how to load a text file, read the text file for certain words, and do specific things based on those words. [url][url] if you have questions, and you already have a neocities account, ask here: [url][url] if you dont have an account, join neocities here: [url][url] or a forum here: [url][url]

[lit]happy coding![lit]